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Introducing J'Ivan Ivan Crash

The DJ with the Colored Bow Ties



J'Ivan Ivan, one of Indianapolis' premier DJ's, has been in the DJ business since the 70's. J'Ivan's specialty in music which includes disco, soul, oldies and current pop will get you moving at your wedding or parties.


J'Ivan has been a DJ in the best dance clubs in Indy and Chicago, such as The StopLite, Rosa Coronas, and the Hangge-Uppe. He also worked for KISS 99fm as the DJ for their lunch-time dance parties in Indy and coordinated some of the Studio 93 dance radio shows for the ever famous WNAP 93.1.


J'Ivan, a life long music fan, played drums in bands in the 60's and 70's. Today, his focus is on bringing experienced DJ entertainment to your wedding and parties in Indianapolis!

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